Sunday, October 26, 2014

Anajali Najhi Jenkins

Wow, that's a ton of i's.

 So, with the constant nagging in my brain, (I need to post, I neeed to post, I neeeeed to post) I decided to follow that sense of urgency, and get my lazy butt back on this blog. And I found something to post about! Yay! 
   I was at a yard sale yesterday and, while looking around the toy section, I spotted her. A H4H girl Najhi, in her leggings and a random green dress, with her hair pulled up into a high ponytail, looking at me with her (now purple) eyes. I snagged her for $2 and  for another $2, box with wooden doll furniture and a groovy girl couch. Score! I took her home, cleaned her up, and named her Anajhi Najhi Jenkins, adopted 5 1/2 year old sister of Klare and Caroline. She is now residing on the groovy girl couch, with her hair pulled into small braids, looking at me with her captivating purple eyes. So, another new addition to the doll's point of view.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh Middle School

I have some explaining to do.

      Yeah, so school started a few days after my last post. I suddenly had to juggle different teachers, homework, and extra-curriculars (Girl Scouts, Dance, Quilting, Book Club). Welcome to middle school, peeps. Yeah, well Midterms came out last week, and I suddenly realized that I had abandoned my blog. Oh Crud. I was disappointing all my loyal fans consisting of  ghosts, tumbleweed, and invisible people.
      Oh, and I thought I should clarify my dolls after their recent posts.(They are grouped by family)

    Klare- 18 inch- American Girl
    Caroline- 18 inch- American Girl

     Katie - 18 inch- BFC Ink
      Bella- 15 inch- Disney Todller
      Elias- 21 inch- Karito Kid

     Sam- Our Generation Custom
     Mia-Our Generation 

      Tess- Disney Animators Collection

      Keira- Make It Mine 

    That should clear  things up. Sorry about abandoning you. You can expect weekly posts.

                                                              Till Next Time,