Thursday, January 29, 2015

Off To Atlanta!

  Well, I'm not really leaving until tomorrow afternoon, but I'll be to lazy in the morning, and I'm getting picked up from school early. This is also my first photo on the blog. I'm not sure if this is a cause for celebration.
                                  *Klare says hi. Or, rather, goodbye*


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Unexpected Trip

Guess what?

Chicken Butt

   Anyway, in an epic Christmas morning, I received an unexpected gift from my dad......
               (I'll give you a minute to gasp in surprise)

  I'm going at the end of January, and I had the option of bringing one doll. But who?

So... Who want's to go?
I'm out. I'm not even an American Girl doll.
It's either you or Caroline, Klare
I think the choice would be obvious
Really, Caroline? Do you have to volunteer yourself? You are always being the angel! The perfect child! Why don't you just give me a chance?
What? Do you want to again prove yourself worthy?!
I was going to volunteer you.
You're the obvious choice. You've been here the longest and are loved the most.  
You would really give up a trip to Atlanta just for me?
Of course. You deserve it.

On that happy note, I'll be going. I have homework to do, and I'm not in the  mood to do it in the morning.