Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oh Joy. Sickness.

To quote one of my favorite youtubers, danisnotonfire:
            "Like, literally, some peasant sneezed on me in the subway and now I feel like death"

My condition in one quote. I've lost my voice, so if I do have to go to school I will tape a sign to my shirt that reads:
       I've lost my voice. Can't find it. Deal with it.


I'm in the mood to post a cat photo.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Idea Of a Story

I have an Atlanta trip in the works. But I'm lazy. See the original post on Doll Diaries here.

Theirs. Not Mine.

   “Why am I holding the piece of junk again?” Susy asks, examining the plastic box that resembled a phone “It doesn’t even work.” She dropped the phone on the top of the table on which she was posed.
    “C’mon Suz, let’s explore,” Maxine called, motioning to the unexplored room all around them   “It’ll clear your head.” Susy nodded kicking aside the imitation phone aside.
      “Let’s go.” Suzy prepared to jump, readied at the edge of the desk
     “ACHOO!” A large sneeze from behind Suzy startled her, sending her flying over the edge.   “Hey!” She cried from the floor. Maxine turned to see who the offender was. Grace, rubbing her red nose, her dog, Bonbon leaping on her chest, was laying on the desk next to the, now collapsed, background, which made the dreary desk look like a springtime park.
    “Sorry, the roses made me sneeze. I thought Ms. Diana knew I was allergic.” She explained while trying to extract Bonbon from her chest. All the remaining dolls looked on the, somewhat ridiculous, scene and tried not to laugh.
    “I’m sure she’ll realize now, now that you’ve made a mess of things” Alexis called from her perch at the cafe table. “I was pretending that I was actually at Paris instead of in this house in the middle of winter.”
    “I’m sure Grace didn’t mean to.” Maxine replied, and then she noticed that one member of their group has yet to say anything. “What ate you thinking, Hannah? You’ve been rather quite.”
    “I think we should help Suzy up from the floor. Or join her.” She said carefully
    “My vote goes to the latter, Hannah! You should see what’s down here!” Suzy muffled cry came from the floor, obviously excited. The dolls helped Grace up from the pile of background, and one by one, carefully descended to the floor, paying no attention the the large mess they had left for Ms.Diana to clean up. No, none of their thoughts were devoted to this, instead they were devoted to exploring the large unexplored expanse of the human world.

Yeah, I'm weird.