Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doll Craft: Doll Sink

Hello! Dot here and I am putting together a diorama of a cabin at camp for Camp Doll Diaries and I decided I would show you a quick tutorial for a doll sink.(sorry, no pictures today, my camera is broken) :-(

white craft foam
blue and black markers
red and blue self adhesive gems
1/2 of a pipe cleaner
1-Cut out a circle of white craft foam
2-Draw a smaller circle with the black marker on your circle
3-Color the inside of the smaller circle with the blue marker
4-Make a small dot with your black marker in the center of the circle
5-Take your pipe cleaner and poke it through the top of the circle
6-Pull the pipe cleaner about halfway through the circle and then fold the half under the circle down
7-Curve the top of the pipe cleaner to look like a sink faucet
8- put one red jewel on one side of the faucet and a blue jewel on the other side of the faucet
9- place your sink on top of a box and now your have a sink and sink cabinet!

          Because there are no pictures, please tell me if any step is confusing.

                                    Hope you like it!

Welcome Earthlings!


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